Visa Waiver Extension and COVID-19

Do you need to get an extension of stay on your visa waiver for 30 days?

Please see the link below for airport/city specific instructions on how to obtain a Satisfactory Departure exemption:

USCIS and CBP can assist you with this.


The procedure for requesting Satisfactory Departure from USCIS is as follows:

  1. The SD (satisfactory departure) requestor should contact the USCIS Contact Center indicating that they wish to request SD. The phone number for the USCIS Contact Center is 800-375-5283.
  2. The USCIS Contact Center representative will ask limited questions to determine if the requestor appears eligible (e.g. admitted visa waiver, applying timely).
  3. The USCIS Contact Center representative will then instruct the requestor to send an e-mail to them with “SD” in the subject line and to include an image of their passport biographic page(s), reason for requesting SD, and any additional contact information. The email should include the following:
    1. Date and place most recently entered the United States on a visa waiver;
    2. Reason for requesting Satisfactory Departure;
    3. Contact information;
    4. An image (attachment) of the biographic page(s) of their passport.
  4. The USCIS Contact Center will then forward that e-mail to the USCIS Field Office located nearest to the requestor.
  5. A designated “SD officer” at the USCIS Field Office will review the documentation and then process the request and notify the applicant of the decision by creating a Service Request Management Tool (SRMT) number and emailing the applicant.


Please contact your local CBP office.